Storage services

Beyond Removals offers the most practical storage options available in the moving industry today

Beyond Removals offers the most practical storage options available in the moving industry today. Our storage service is customisable depending on the needs of our clients, so we are able to provide the storage solution for every commercial or individual client in need of space. Our warehouses are controlled with CCTV 24/7 and central alarm monitoring ensures your goods are well-protected. Since we are not a self-storage facility, your items are inventoried and insured, but our prices are affordable ensuring you get piece of mind at the lowest possible cost.

Storage for home clients

Our residential storage facilities can help bridge the gap between moving out of an old home and into a new one. The availability of a storage unit can immensely simplify a move. Since moving timelines can be a difficult thing to schedule, there is often time between moving out and moving in that will require your belongings to be stored somewhere until your new home is ready.

Storage for Business

Our business storage solutions will ensure your items are kept safe and secure. It’s simple: we pick up your items, store and protect them during your move, and deliver them to your new site or office when you’re ready. Our moving services are fast, careful and efficient.

Reasons to choose our Storage Services

So whether you need to store furniture, commercial supplies or office equipment, we have a variety of large and small storage spaces that can accommodate your needs. From big to small offices and homes to everything in between, our storage spaces offer the right solution for you.


Reasons to choose our Storage Services

• Full service from pick-up to drop-off
• Store for flexible time periods
• For any size of storage space
• Quality packing materials keep your items intact
• Weather-proofed and fire-proofed environment
• 24/7 security


No matter how large or small you storage needs may be, or how long or short the duration, here at Beyond Removals we have an efficient solution for you!

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